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Wholesale Transfers

Price for each transfer is only 4 cents per square inch.

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About Genuine Imprint Transfers

If you own a heat press you can now add full color transfers to your items for a spectacular look.   Our Direct to Film transfers provide an accurate, high resolution image of your artwork previously unobtainable with traditional screen printing.  Unlike previous generation of transfers, a DTF transfer will still look great after 50 or more washings.

How is the Price Calculated?

The cost is calculated by the square inch (width * height * .04) times the number of transfers.

How to Apply Your Transfer

  • Time: 1st press 10 seconds. Repress 5 seconds
  • Temperature: 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Pressure: 7-Firm pressure
  1. Place the garment on heat press and then add direct to film garment onto garment image facing up (white side down)
  2. Press with firm pressure at 300 degrees for 10 seconds
  3. Remove film immediately while still hot: Pull from the corner in one rapid, fluid motion (like removing a bandage)
  4. Cover the image and garment with a Teflon sheet or parchment paper
  5. Repress for 5 seconds

Care and Wash Instructions

All garments should be turned inside out before washing. For best results machine wash in cold water. Tumble dry low.

Art Requirements

We recommend either a PNG or PDF with the background removed and sized the way that you want the final transfer.  For artwork submission guidelines see the Direct-to-Film Artwork Guidelines page for more information.    Please send your images to


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