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Custom Shirts for Your Events

You put a lot of effort into planning your event….it’s worth commemorating!  Whether its a one-time or annual event and whether it’s large or small in scale, your organizers, volunteers, participants and attendees want custom event t-shirts to show their participation to the world.

Genuine Imprint can design custom shirts for events – whether it’s a family reunion, block party, trade show, benevolent social fundraiser, or a large community event in your city or town. Being locally owned and operated allows us to get your custom event t-shirts customized and delivered in a timely manner. Contact us for a competitive quote and the fast turn-around time you need to make your event a success!

Charity T-Shirts for a Cause

We have a soft spot in our hearts (and discounted pricing) for charity event t-shirts.   Whether you want to raise awareness for a devastating illness that has affected someone in your community or for the less fortunate who need some help, charity t-shirts can help you raise awareness on a grand scale.

We’ve assisted local organizations to raise thousands of dollars in recent years. Believe it or not, t-shirts for a cause make a great way to raise money for important issues, to raise awareness, and to raise self-esteem within your community. “Do good, do well.” Plus, we offer more than just charity t-shirts. You can customize hats, totes and polos to support your mission. 

Let us help you design the t-shirt that will have the most impact.

Family Reunion T-Shirts

Celebrate your heritage and recognize family members with a commemorative shirt from your family reunion.  Flags displaying your country of origin,  the location and date of the reunion are all common elements of successful family reunion t-shirts.

Available in a wide range of sizes, colors and styles, you can find something that will become a keepsake for your family members year after year. Let us help you create the perfect family reunion t-shirts.

Let us help you design yours today.

Trade Show T-Shirt Giveaways

Nothing draws a crowd to your booth like a free t-shirt giveaway.  After seeing dozens, perhaps hundreds of other vendors, your prospect will remember you and your product every time they wear your shirt.  Plus, it’s an affordable way to spread awareness for your brand while still maintaining professionalism.  

We offer a wide assortment of styles, colors and sizes to accommodate your customers. We can also print tote bags for prospects to carry literature in or hats for your employees to wear while working the trade show booth..

Let us help you make your trade show a success!

Theater & Performance Event T-Shirts

Whether you are a show choir looking for a flashy theme shirt for your next competition, or a small community theater on a tight budget, we can help your production visually with theater event t-shirts.   

We’ve provided custom event t-shirts for community and high school performing arts events throughout the community.  Order custom t-shirts for volunteers, team members, parents, alumni or to sell before the show. We offer a huge range of styles, colors and sizes. 

Design yours today.

Fundraiser T-Shirts

Community and school-sponsored races or events are a great way to raise money and awareness for many important issues and needs. From raising money for underprivileged children with a run to sponsoring a casino night for parents in your school’s PTA, we fully support your efforts to do good within your community.  Ask about a private store that can even take care of the paperwork and collect money.

We can design fundraiser t-shirts that will be worn year-after-after to keep your event in the forefront of people’s eyes and minds. T-Shirts for such events are also a cherished keepsake and “trophy” for participants.

Shop our full selection of fundraiser t-shirts, hats and tote bags to help spread the word for your great cause. 

Let us help you design yours today.

T-Shirts for Sporting Events

Need a shirt to sell at your tournament? Is your track team getting to compete out of state? Show your local pride with custom t-shirts for sporting events. Get your team name, logo and a list of team members or accolades printed on shirts to intimidate the competition and show your support.

We offer a huge selection of sizes, styles and colors to accommodate your needs. Sometimes all it takes is looking out into the crowd and seeing a sea of matching t-shirts to motivate your team to perform their absolute best.

Let us help you design yours today.

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