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Custom Swag
and Spirit Store

Expertly Branded Online Custom Stores

Create quality promotional apparel for your company, school, charity or fundraising efforts. Our private company swag stores and spirit shops are the easy way to grow team spirit and keep your employees on-brand. We pride ourselves in creating professional-level online custom stores for any application.

Using your brand or logo as a guide, we can create custom swag stores that allow you to easily track orders, set pricing and profit margins, and we can even make monthly deliveries of purchased apparel. Make your store temporary to hit a fundraising goal or make it available year-round as employee incentives. It’s simple and easy with Genuine Imprint.

Genuine Imprint Custom Stores

Genuine Imprint has you covered, literally, when it comes to creating a custom store for your apparel. We’ve developed online spirit shops for high school clubs all the way to custom swag stores for corporate offices and local law enforcement.

Select Your Products

Start with our comfortable, quality custom-printed tees, sweatshirts or embroidered polos or hats – featuring your team, group or event’s name and logo prominently displayed in beautiful color

Simple Fundraiser

Add our organizational assistance and years of experience helping non-profits and organizations to raise money for worthy causes – we work with you to determine a fair purchase price.

Satisfied Customers

Finish by counting the profits your organization or event earns through the sales of your custom-printed gear that looks great and is fun to wear. No need to handle order forms, partial payments, and I.O.U.’s. We take care of it all!

Fundraiser Shirts
  • Set your own pricing. Hit your fundraising or charity goal by taking a standard 10 or 15% of the proceeds.
  • We handle the collection of money so you don’t have to chase down payments.
  • No paper forms to deal with – everything is online.
  • Items can be bagged and tagged for easy distribution, or can be delivered directly to the customer.
  • You can focus on promoting your event or cause.

Your Audience and Your Custom Store

With Genuine Imprint, your goals are our top priority. If you want to create a swag store that is only available to your employees or team members, we can do that. If you want to create a swag store that is available to staff members, teachers, parents, and students, we can do that too! The sky’s the limit when you partner with us to create a custom online store.

Let’s Get Started! Tell us what you’re looking for. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours. CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW!

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